The Mainstage will welcome the main speakers from the world of Retail & Franchising together with industry stakeholders, leading trade associations, partners/sponsors and market research companies.

The #Franchising of the Future

What are the new emerging business models? What does the new consumer demand? The #Franchising culture: what are the levers on which to act to strengthen and implement the Franchising culture in Italy?

Female Entrepreneurship

What are the tools to support female entrepreneurship? During the session, through the involvement of authoritative testimonials, we will analyse success stories from the Franchising world.

#Franchising and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, AR/VR, Metaverse and NFT, the event will be an opportunity to clarify some important concepts indispensable to intercept trends.

#Franchising and Finance

What tools to adopt for exponential growth? During the session, we will shed light on which are the best financial instruments to adopt in relation to different business models.

Franchising and Internationalisation

How to grow abroad? With which tools? We will listen to the opinion of those who are succeeding, and successfully.

#Franchising and Sustainability

We will analyse how the concept of 'Sustainability' can be declined in business but also in relation to what the consumer/customer is disruptively demanding.

Academy Areas

The Salone Franchising Milano will also be an opportunity to make culture, there will be parallel sessions that will address various topics of interest to visitors, both for entrepreneurs who are just entering the world of Franchising but also for those who want to delve into more advanced topics and concepts.

Tools and Sector Analysis

Which tools should be used to define a correct strategy for opening a Franchising Store?

Digital Strategy

How to set up a correct Digital Strategy? Which tools and channels can support the growth of a Franchising network?

Business Plan

How to realise a Business Plan and which characteristics must it respect in order to be of interest to lenders and banks? And how to attract potential new Franchisees?

E-Commerce and Franchising

E-Commerce as a sales tool to support the Franchisor and its Franchisees.

Comparing Business Models

During this in-depth study we will analyse, with the support and involvement of successful case studies, which business models are successful and which ones have failed to react to market changes.

Commercial Strategies

Commercial strategies as a lever for growth of the Franchisor, Master Franchisee and Franchisee.