Female Entrepreneurship

Female Entrepreneurship

10/20/23 h 10:15 - 11:00

Female entrepreneurship represents a growing phenomenon of great value to the economy of the country.


A recent survey conducted by Confesercenti reveals interesting data that show a general growth in the sector but at the same time alarm bells are being rung of alarm for some sectors.


During the session we will analyze what tools are available to support women's entrepreneurship and we will do so through the involvement and discussion of institutions - that support the growth of operators - and successful female entrepreneurs who with their ideas and projects have established themselves in the market.



Speeches by:

Barbara Quaresmini, Licence Partner Engel&Völkers e Presidente, Impresa Donna

Magdalena Neuman, Field Service Director Regione Nord, McDonalds Italia

Rana Edwards, Co-Founder & VP, I Love Pokè

Maria Luisa Castiglioni, Steering Committee, UBRI



Moderated by: Elena Delfino, Journalist, Start Franchising